Hacker Scouts launches campaign to fund permanent space in Oakland

At Hacker Scouts, Lim’s daughters are learning computer programming and building their own light desk for tracing and drawing using 2D to 3D modeling, while his son develops his own light saber through hands-on, project based learning. So, when his wife came home from a Sunday mother’s group talking about Oakland’s Hacker Scouts , he saw an opportunity for his 11-year-old twin daughters and 9-year-old son. Spending the last 16 years developing consumer products for the Internet has taught Piedmont’s Dion Lim a thing or two about building a successful enterprise in a high-tech environment. “We do everything form soccer to Chinese to abacus and other sports, but there are very few extra curricular activities that allow children to really explore their creative side.

Abacus Group forms partnership with LiquidityBook

  1. Abacus Group, a New York-based hosting service for hedge funds and private equity funds, will host LiquidityBook's buy-side solution, LBX, in the AbacusFLEX private cloud environment. The partnership will offer AbacusFLEX clients access to LBX, which 
  2. Abacus Group, a provider of hosted IT solutions for hedge funds and private equity funds, has formed a strategic partnership to host LiquidityBook's complete buy-side solution, LBX, in the AbacusFLEX private cloud. The partnership will offer AbacusFLEX 
  3. Spencer Sherman, co-CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners, after running into a burning building for “stuff,” realized he suffered from “money madness.” Deciding that the situation was intolerable, he came up with a cure, and is now In “Money Mind Training