Trust Goldman Sachs to make a record fine look like a good result

Bank of America, Citigroup, BNP Paribas and JPMorgan are all universal banks. The FHFA got Bank of America Merrill Lynch to pay $6bn and made it buy back . some mortgage securities. And then there is the big one: towards the end of last year JPMorgan had to. cough up a massive $13bn (unlucky for some), including $4bn related to. issues around mortgage securities. Earlier this month, BNP Paribas had to pay nearly $9bn and plead guilty to a. criminal charge for helping clients to evade US sanctions. which offer a wider range of services than a pure-play investment bank such. The French bank. of the loans it was turning into securities had a decided whiff about them. as Goldmans and therefore have the potential to get into bigger trouble when. was also banned from conducting US dollar-clearing transactions for a year,.

Tipsy Tuesday: Dallas Booze Events July 29 – Aug 3

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