Buying Abacus means the 'Asianisation of Sabre.'

Getting Abacus’ 11 shareholder airlines to agree to sell is one thing, getting agreement on the right deal that would please everyone is another. Under the agreement, Sabre Corporation will buy the remaining 65% stake in Abacus from its shareholder airlines for a net cash consideration of $411 million. It seems a natural evolution of the partnership – Sabre has had a 35% stake in Abacus for some time and a lot of its technology already powers the Asia/Pacific GDS – and it was really only a matter of time when it would leverage its position...

A Tiny Bank's Surreal Trip Through a Fraud Prosecution

  1. The Lagos office has been open for one year now and during this year many have found their way to our agency. We are proud to have been able to help them with the purchase and/or sale of their properties. We have been active in the Real Estate business 
  2. While Abacus was allowed to keep servicing the loans Fannie Mae had already bought, its lending capacity was vastly diminished because Fannie Mae would no longer buy any new loans. Abacus employs about 150 people at six branches in Manhattan, 
  3. The New York-based fund Tricadia Capital Management Llc disclosed it had bought a stake worth about 5.33% of the fund's stock portfolio in Delphi Automotive. The New York-based fund Spears Abacus Advisors Llc is also positive about the stock,