Buying Abacus means the 'Asianisation of Sabre.'

Getting Abacus’ 11 shareholder airlines to agree to sell is one thing, getting agreement on the right deal that would please everyone is another. Under the agreement, Sabre Corporation will buy the remaining 65% stake in Abacus from its shareholder airlines for a net cash consideration of $411 million. It seems a natural evolution of the partnership – Sabre has had a 35% stake in Abacus for some time and a lot of its technology already powers the Asia/Pacific GDS – and it was really only a matter of time when it would leverage its position...

Leader after leader

  1. Abacus Property Group and Goldman Sachs have jointly paid $115 million to acquire a property in Sydney. The purchase of 201 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, which forms part of the Forum complex, is subject to regulatory approval for foreign investment, 
  2. The lion's share of blame for derailing Jamaica's economy in the 70s by any objective analysis, whether with the use of an abacus or scientific calculator, belongs to the PNP and Michael Manley. . Thousands cannot buy food, medication, and pay bills.
  3. Now we know that less than acre of land near Ninth Street is going for a cool million dollars. And we know that if Blacknall Presbyterian actually develops 39 parking spots on that Iredell Street property—currently home to two historic mill houses