Buying Abacus means the 'Asianisation of Sabre.'

Getting Abacus’ 11 shareholder airlines to agree to sell is one thing, getting agreement on the right deal that would please everyone is another. Under the agreement, Sabre Corporation will buy the remaining 65% stake in Abacus from its shareholder airlines for a net cash consideration of $411 million. It seems a natural evolution of the partnership – Sabre has had a 35% stake in Abacus for some time and a lot of its technology already powers the Asia/Pacific GDS – and it was really only a matter of time when it would leverage its position...

8 Reasons Digital Photographers Should Try Film

  1. New York Public Library: '100 Years of the Picture Collection: From Abacus to Zoology' (through May 15) The library celebrates the centennial of its Picture Collection with a sort of greatest-hits exhibition chosen from nearly 1.5 million images
  2. It costs money to buy it, to process it, and to turn it into prints of digital files. Unless you're made of money you're not going to be able to shoot 500 pictures a day every day of the year. That might be a disappointment for those who want to shoot
  3. According to Abacus Data for the Canadian Bankers Association, the average Canadian spent $888 on holiday shopping in 2014. If that number holds steady this year, those who don't pay their credit cards in full could find themselves paying much more