Trust Goldman Sachs to make a record fine look like a good result

Bank of America, Citigroup, BNP Paribas and JPMorgan are all universal banks. The FHFA got Bank of America Merrill Lynch to pay $6bn and made it buy back . some mortgage securities. And then there is the big one: towards the end of last year JPMorgan had to. cough up a massive $13bn (unlucky for some), including $4bn related to. issues around mortgage securities. Earlier this month, BNP Paribas had to pay nearly $9bn and plead guilty to a. criminal charge for helping clients to evade US sanctions. which offer a wider range of services than a pure-play investment bank such. The French bank. of the loans it was turning into securities had a decided whiff about them. as Goldmans and therefore have the potential to get into bigger trouble when. was also banned from conducting US dollar-clearing transactions for a year,.

Abacus Adds Los Angeles Office

  1. Abacus Finance Group LLC has provided $20 million in senior credit facilities to back Thompson Street Capital Partners' acquisition of TriStar Global Energy Solutions Inc. Based in Houston, TriStar provides hydrocarbon cleaning and decontamination 
  2. Hosted IT solutions provider Abacus Group has opened a new office in Los Angeles, its second in California. The New York-based vendor already has offices in San Francisco and Old Greenwich, Conn. According to the vendor,the expansion comes on the 
  3. The abacus bashers expect the company to deliver growth of 22% in the 12 months concluding March 2015, creating an appealing P/E multiple of just 14 times. And expansion to the tune of 5% and 10% in 2016 and 2017 pushes this figure to 13.7 times and