LG G4 Review: Built for Power Users

Fortunately, the LG G4 finds a happy medium that pushes LG's flagship forward while retaining many of the features that make it a favorite. Can the G4 dethrone the Galaxy S6 as the Android handset to beat. The G4 stands out from the pack with a lavish, optional leather coating, a vibrant quad-HD Quantum display and a 16-MP camera stuffed with pro-minded features normally found on a pricey DSLR. The Galaxy S6 polarized some users with its metallic but less-versatile design, while the HTC One M9 largely offered more of the same, and, in some ways, took a step backward. It also stays true to its roots, offering handy LG apps alongside a swappable battery and microSD card slot.

Start-up says never buy another toothbrush again

  1. You can buy loose activated charcoal in the fish section of pet supply stores (it can be used to filter tanks), or you can buy it in brick form; one brand to familiarize yourself with is Innofresh, because they offer my readers a 20% discount on all
  2. "Fifty million tons of plastic go into the landfill in toothbrushes alone and we're here to change that," said Patrick Triato. He founded The Goodwell Company, an e-commerce start-up selling biodegradable toothbrushes, equipped with recycled aluminum 
  3. Make your own deodorant, or buy it in glass containers that can be sent back to the manufacturer. Some of my favorites are Crawford Street Skin Care's Lemon Cream Deodorant, PiperWai's Activated Charcoal Deodorant, and Ashley Asti's Love Your Body