LG G4 Review: Built for Power Users

Fortunately, the LG G4 finds a happy medium that pushes LG's flagship forward while retaining many of the features that make it a favorite. Can the G4 dethrone the Galaxy S6 as the Android handset to beat. The G4 stands out from the pack with a lavish, optional leather coating, a vibrant quad-HD Quantum display and a 16-MP camera stuffed with pro-minded features normally found on a pricey DSLR. The Galaxy S6 polarized some users with its metallic but less-versatile design, while the HTC One M9 largely offered more of the same, and, in some ways, took a step backward. It also stays true to its roots, offering handy LG apps alongside a swappable battery and microSD card slot.

6 of the Best Organic Hair and Body Products

  1. Traditionally, the medical community uses activated charcoal to prevent damage from an accidental overdose because it keeps the body from absorbing the drugs. But now, you can buy it in supplements over the counter, or in other products popping up on 
  2. The brand's bar soap, for example, goes way beyond the bar with organic body bricks that cleanse without stripping moisture including forest musk, activated charcoal pine, brisk peppermint, ultramarine, and sweet cedarwood. They've been aged like fine
  3. While cheaply-made zippers tend to stick or break when you get rough or pull fast, the main zippers for the vest and hoodie pull smoothly, maintaining teeth alignment through repeated, vigorous up/down zipping. Although Ravean's zippers . This