LG G4 Review: Built for Power Users

Fortunately, the LG G4 finds a happy medium that pushes LG's flagship forward while retaining many of the features that make it a favorite. Can the G4 dethrone the Galaxy S6 as the Android handset to beat. The G4 stands out from the pack with a lavish, optional leather coating, a vibrant quad-HD Quantum display and a 16-MP camera stuffed with pro-minded features normally found on a pricey DSLR. The Galaxy S6 polarized some users with its metallic but less-versatile design, while the HTC One M9 largely offered more of the same, and, in some ways, took a step backward. It also stays true to its roots, offering handy LG apps alongside a swappable battery and microSD card slot.

How Activated Carbon is Providing Clean Water in Developing Countries

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