State says federal pollution limits impossible to meet

  1. The vendor told me she was selling air plants (tillandsias). Not very lucky with houseplants, I was hesitant to buy one, until the vendor explained how simple they were to take care of: give them some squirts from a spray bottle a few times a week. I
  2. With its 20 coal plants, Texas pumps far more carbon dioxide into the air than any other state, but its energy mix is already moving closer to the EPA's goals. Last year, 63 percent of its power came from sources other than coal, primarily natural gas
  3. "But you can get pretty sick of giving people brake tag inspections." L.P. Madere was 27 when he opened Over the next decade, the garage benefitted from new petrochemical plants in the area, including the Union Carbide facility in Taft, which put