In Kansas City and elsewhere, zoos brace against the threat of species extinction

But there’s getting to be less and less and less habitat. “Sumatran orangutans could be the first great ape to become extinct, and that could happen in the next 10 to 20 years,” said Zoo Atlanta’s Lori Perkins, the coordinator of the Orangutan Species Survival Plan. But if an animal really disappears from the wild — because of poachers or people destroying its habitat — it’s a stretch to think we’d ever be able to send them back and make things good again. “When I started 38 years ago, that’s kind of what the talk was: We’ll reproduce in captivity and take it back out and set it free in its native habitat. Theoretically, keeping animals healthy in captivity means they could be reintroduced to the wild someday. “It doesn’t seem to be the talk of the town anymore,” said Kansas City Zoo director Randy Wisthoff.

In brief: Cost cuts help Deere earnings

  1. It is also the worst polluter on the planet, pouring an estimated nine to 10 billion tonnes of climate-warming carbon dioxide into the air in 2013. Its economic Chinese factories, run on state-subsidised electricity largely from coal-fired power
  2. Deere has been hurt by weak commodity prices, which have made farmers less likely to buy new equipment. And falling oil prices TOKYO - Toyota is recalling 1.6 million vehicles for defective air bags supplied by embattled Japanese manufacturer
  3. It smells like air after a rain. Two gothic-styled “hoops” — large, light-filled spaces on either side used for growing — nurture varieties of lilies, epithelium, and succulents. The polycarbonate roof to disperse sunlight was made at Flex-O-Glass in