PRESS DIGEST- British Business - Dec 15

  1. Then I couldn't get enough of it.” That's not an infallible indicator of true innovation in art, but it bodes well. The fact that Harrison is hardly a household name owes something to the nature of her work, which usually defies photographic
  2. MIKE ASHLEY SPREADS 40 MLN STG OF CHRISTMAS CHEER AT SPORTS DIRECT The billionaire owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, has bankrolled Christmas at Sports Direct by providing a 40 million pound loan to help the company to buy jeans, EDF STANDS
  3. Meaning, the Camaro would get a Chevy-designed and built drivetrain while the Pontiac would get its own “pure Pontiac” power plants. It wasn't the air scoops and decals on the hood that made a Trans-Am something other than a Z28 sold by Pontiac.