LA's Anti-Mansion Crusaders Have Gone Completely Insane

  1. "(The FAA is) getting a lot of pressure to do this because it is such an important technology," she said, but "right now there's just an air of uncertainty." As of now, it is not legal to use the drones for commercial purposes, although many do. The
  2. They are destroying the vintage charm of the neighborhoods, and the scale of most of these homes is disproportionate to existing homes and blocks out our backyard sunlight, killing our trees and plants. Some of us moved into these neighborhoods because 
  3. Almost one-third of the grain used by ethanol plants is converted into DDGS to feed cows, hogs, poultry and fish, according to the fuels association. As the ethanol industry grew, U.S. production of DDGS grew Elahi said he has bought small volumes