Want Funding? Then Be a National Priority

  1. The lander needs 5 watts to boot.In order to charge the secondary battery, we have to heat it to 0 degrees Celsius. We need about 50-60 watt-hours a day in order to reach 0 degrees and still have daylight left to charge the battery. So it doesn't
  2. significant spending on renewable energy and energy efficiency research. These later increases, which both returned to relatively stable levels in short order, are not as large as the ten-year rise in DOE's budget from the early 1970s through the
  3. The robot's bouts of amnesia – an inability to write to Flash before shutting down to go to sleep – and sudden, unintentional reboots, also called warm resets, had gotten so bad in August that the team couldn't get any work done. "We had a