Log Horizon 2

  1. And now we get to see the new villains, the Akatsuki! Sasori of the red sand is a master puppeteer. Deidara is a "mad artist" (“Pop is dead! My art is super-flat!”) and androgynous bishonen with mouthes in his hands (complete with tongues and teeth
  2. It's Christmas Eve, and the streets of Akihabara ring with the sounds of murder. This week kept the focus on last week's characters, but the tempo couldn't have been more different. The ominous stranger who's been lurking in the corners of the last
  3. Su rival al otro lado del ring era el inmortal Hidan, un miembro de Akatsuki fanático de su propia religión y compañero de Kakuzu. El resultado del combate acabó a favor del segundo, aunque afortunadamente Shikamaru vengó la muerte de su maestro de