2015 Reviews of childrens' books about space

Books can span ages, of course, so depending on what age kid you're buying for, you may want to look in the adjacent-age group for more suggestions. This year, I was particularly interested in updating my 6- and 9-year-old children's public school library with the fact-filled nonfiction that they might use for reports on the planets, so you'll find those books listed first. And the section for kids 12 and up includes many books intended for a general audience, not just kids. Topics: product review . Welcome to my annual reviews of space books for children. I had so many books to review this year that this post needs a table of contents, so here it is:.

Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Turns 12! Embarks on Electric Slide

  1. By month's end, the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) mission wrapped another productive Earth year of surface exploration and just around the corner was its 12th anniversary. While the human members of the MER ops team tried to get a little rest or catch
  2. Historically, two of three missions to Mars failed and this mission involved two robot landers, the riskiest of all planetary ventures. As has been written here many times before, no one really believed Spirit and Opportunity would land. They would be
  3. Previous mission proposals were for either for expensive Flagship missions (with estimated costs of ~$1.5 billion to ~$6 billion) or the inexpensive Discovery missions (~$450 million). The former doesn't fit within NASA's budget and the latter appears