A new mission for Akatsuki, and status updates for Hayabusa 2 and Chang'e

  1. Namja Gyōza Stadium, a restaurant specializing in themed gyōza, will have dishes honoring (left to right, top to bottom): Kamisama Kiss 's Kurama, Patalliro! , Nante Suteki ni Japanesque , Please Save My Earth , a teddy bear from Baby & Me , Gakuen
  2. When flying further away from Venus, or about 10 times the radius of Venus from the planet, the Akatsuki will continuously observe Venus as a whole to understand its clouds, deep atmosphere, and surface conditions. When flying closer to Venus, or less
  3. When asking people to write Congress about planetary exploration, I am invariably confronted with a certain, shall we say, reticence about its value. "Congress hates science, why bother?" or "These bunch of [clowns]* can't get anything done, what's the