A second ringed centaur? Centaurs with rings could be common

  1. Key ring charms of Kamisama Kiss characters with cat ears will be available, as well as three sets of clear files, each with a clear file from a different Hana to Yume manga. The key charms will cost 880 yen ($7.39) each, while a clear file set costs
  2. If the rings are real, Chiron would be the second known centaur to have them; Chariklo was the first. Centaurs are icy worlds that probably originated in the Kuiper belt before their orbits were perturbed to send them among the giant planets. Alex
  3. Divide it by NASA's four-person crew requirement, and you get $33 million per seat. SpaceX says they can even fly five crewmembers and still carry the necessary amount of cargo, which could lower that number to $27 million. Shotwell handed Elbon the