2015 Reviews of childrens' books about space

Books can span ages, of course, so depending on what age kid you're buying for, you may want to look in the adjacent-age group for more suggestions. This year, I was particularly interested in updating my 6- and 9-year-old children's public school library with the fact-filled nonfiction that they might use for reports on the planets, so you'll find those books listed first. And the section for kids 12 and up includes many books intended for a general audience, not just kids. Topics: product review . Welcome to my annual reviews of space books for children. I had so many books to review this year that this post needs a table of contents, so here it is:.

NASA's Mars Announcement: Present-day transient flows of briny water on steep slopes

  1. Every book pictured on this page is one that I recommend for purchase. This year, I was particularly interested in updating The Mercury and Venus books are particularly good, with up-to-date science and exploration sections, mentioning Bepi-Colombo
  2. The reflexive opposition to such exploration telepresence this harkens back to what we call "historical exploration" where, in order to be an explorer, one has to look like Columbus or Lewis and Clark. You know, beards, swords, funny hats, and all that
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