Alkaline Water Co. to Hit Military Retail Shelves With M3 Broker Agreement

is a sales broker and government contractor for military retail accounts that include the Army Air Force Exchange System, the Navy Exchange Command, the Marine Corp Exchange, the Coast Guard Exchange, and the Defense Commissary Agency with... : WTER ) (the "Company"), developers of an innovative state of the art proprietary electrolysis beverage process, packaged and sold in 3 liter and 1 gallon sizes under the trade name Alkaline88, is extremely pleased to announce that its ongoing...

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  1. The Alkaline Water Company Inc. has developed an innovative, state of the art, proprietary electrolysis process that produces healthy alkaline water for a balanced lifestyle. The company is focused on the business of distributing and marketing the
  2. Rainwater and wastewater are collected separately, and 18 submersible axial flow pumps capable of pumping 42.1 cubic meters of water per second divert the rainwater to artificial wetlands. Here, on Even to buy clothes, Fan says, she must travel
  3. He says the grower trade is often not a choice for young people because the capital investment is high and it takes several years for the trees to get big enough to sell. But a novel method is upending almost everything we thought We knew then that