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Brandon Bird: The Geekiest/Best Painter Alive

It takes a certain kind of mind to paint the head of Nicolas Cage on a snow monkey, or imagine Frasier as the newest member of the Fantastic Four, or to paint Rod Stewart into a Star Wars Clone Trooper's body… and that kind of mind belongs to... Bird has carved out a geeky, awesome niche in pop culture, offering up classically-painted mash-ups that are both hilariously conceived and technically brilliant. He has a wide variety of Law and Order drawings and paintings that lovingly embrace and satirize the long-running show. Another famous painting showcases Christopher Walken building a robot in his work shop.

A selfie state of mind: How the British perfected the art of the self-portrait

  1. His face bore a wide, white stripe, and his feet looked like he'd stepped in a bucket of white paint. With long, strong legs, the newborn was so tall, he could barely The Jockey Club, the national body that oversees thoroughbred record keeping
  2. While Abbot of Glastonbury, he painted a famous and highly influential frontispiece to a Latin grammar. A wiry outline drawing, it is a fine example of a style that would define Anglo-Saxon art. Dunstan is prostrate on a mountaintop beside a giant
  3. A healthy stand of poison oak along the trail in the Los Osos Oaks State Reserve along Los Osos Valley Road. New leaves are shiny with oil that includes urushiol, the itch causing ingredient. DAVID MIDDLECAMP |Buy Photo