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Brandon Bird: The Geekiest/Best Painter Alive

It takes a certain kind of mind to paint the head of Nicolas Cage on a snow monkey, or imagine Frasier as the newest member of the Fantastic Four, or to paint Rod Stewart into a Star Wars Clone Trooper's body… and that kind of mind belongs to... Bird has carved out a geeky, awesome niche in pop culture, offering up classically-painted mash-ups that are both hilariously conceived and technically brilliant. He has a wide variety of Law and Order drawings and paintings that lovingly embrace and satirize the long-running show. Another famous painting showcases Christopher Walken building a robot in his work shop.

From rust to stardust: Renovating broken-down classic motors into dazzling ...

  1. While patrolling the Fernhill Wetlands in the evening hours, an officer came across a body with two gunshot wounds. Detectives A citizen called police to report vandalism after finding "I buy and sell dope" applied to the citizen's van in red paint
  2. a meat slicer. With a low rider exterior, and dark metallic blue and white paint picked out with chrome, this unpromising wreck is now a highly desirable dream vehicle. “The bodywork was really bad, the interior was completely trashed, the
  3. Home sellers in hot real-estate markets — where there's not enough for-sale inventory for the number of people who want to buy — may not feel compelled to go all out in preparing their home before listing. And they may not need to, It's always