The 10 Most Crazy/Beautiful Art Happenings This Most Wild Of Frieze Weekends

The highly anticipated happening consists of a 200-foot-long, one-way labyrinth, full of physical and psychological artist-designed challenges sure to make your head spin and body wobble. One installation at Frieze New York will pay tribute to the Flux-Labyrinth, an immersive, maze-like environment originally conceived by George Maciunas in collaboration with other Fluxus artists between 1975 and 1976. Pushing past that, Bock served up one final challenge: squeezing through a tunnel lined by large, mostly naked hirsute men, a birth canal of bears. Artists Amalia Pica , John Bock , and Gelatin are responsible for the new segments. "The maze is full of puzzles and physical challenges. At least until the last rooms, designed by John Bock. Tip-toeing on tilting catwalks and plunging bare feet into pools of beans, it was hard not to go through the whole delightful thing grinning. Menacing, but manageable.

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  1. New this year at the Colorado State Fair is Zombie Acres, which owner Zach Garner of Idaho touts as the only attraction in which participants can shoot live actors in the face, or for that matter anywhere on the body, with paintball guns. In essence a
  2. Alone in a car, driving an empty stretch of highway, it's easy to believe you're the only person in the world. In western Ohio, where dark fields of soy alternate with great blocks of green corn roofed with yellow tassels, the road runs flat and
  3. Two years earlier, Golub and other models had been arrested for their fully nude body painting and charged with public lewdness. But with the help of the "I think most people are totally cool with it, because they get what it's about. But a lot of