The 10 Most Crazy/Beautiful Art Happenings This Most Wild Of Frieze Weekends

The highly anticipated happening consists of a 200-foot-long, one-way labyrinth, full of physical and psychological artist-designed challenges sure to make your head spin and body wobble. One installation at Frieze New York will pay tribute to the Flux-Labyrinth, an immersive, maze-like environment originally conceived by George Maciunas in collaboration with other Fluxus artists between 1975 and 1976. Pushing past that, Bock served up one final challenge: squeezing through a tunnel lined by large, mostly naked hirsute men, a birth canal of bears. Artists Amalia Pica , John Bock , and Gelatin are responsible for the new segments. "The maze is full of puzzles and physical challenges. At least until the last rooms, designed by John Bock. Tip-toeing on tilting catwalks and plunging bare feet into pools of beans, it was hard not to go through the whole delightful thing grinning. Menacing, but manageable.

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