Wildflower Middle Eastern Restaurant

Wildflower Middle Eastern Restaurant is a contemporary lifestyle restaurant, lounge and bar that embraces Middle Eastern cuisine and culture with a modern twist, enhanced by vibrant entertainment elements. Restaurants in Portmore tend to be basic but the Wildflower Middle Eastern Restaurant is neither. The menu features passionately composed dishes inspired by the great Levant, Middle Eastern and Moroccan cuisine with a focus on high-quality, fresh ingredients, the use of indigenous spices, contemporary cooking methods and careful presentation. The culinary vision is to set quintessentially authentic flavours into a contemporary, modern context.

Bigger Plans for 2nd Annual Made in Maui County Festival

  1. Duenas and Ernie Merfalen from Meskla along with Westin's chef Daniel Lenherr took on lemmai from Malojloj farmer Mike Aguon creating a delicious hashcake, breadfruit ice cream, and punch. And using bananas from Dededo's Vincent Velasquez was once
  2. The upcoming Made in Maui County Festival boasts a larger format with more products, vendors food trucks, “and more reasons to buy local,” event organizers said. . C. Unfus; Lorraine's; Lustrous Maui; Matsumoto Studio; Maui Breadfruit Company; Maui
  3. The last two food products that I would recommend for extensive production are the yam (West African in origin and probably brought here by pre-Columbian Africans like those who settled in Barbados, Haiti and Mexico) and the South Pacific breadfruit