Is this the new wonder food? Breadfruit is high in protein and has the ...

‘Traditionally in Polynesia you would plant a breadfruit when a child. In 2003 Dr Ragone created the NTBG’s Breadfruit Institute, which includes an orchard on the island of Maui. of distributing breadfruit to places without a regular supply of food. the roots of the fruit using DNA analysis to the breadfruit ‘Eve’. ancestor of the breadfruit. of the fruit she examined included fingerprints of a plant called. was born, because that would guarantee food throughout the child’s life’. Dr Zerega said. with Nyree Zerega of Northwestern University in Chicago, she traced back.

The Economic Case for Loving This Spiky, Tropical Fruit

  1. Opinions are divided in the shop; while one lady thinks my breadfruit should still have a tinge of green to the white flesh beneath its reptilian skin, another thinks I want the fruit whose white flesh is turning yellow. I buy half of each – buying
  2. In peak bearing season, there's a glut [of breadfruit] that can't be preserved. But you have products that can be sold all year [like flour made of dried, ground breadfruit]. So we're trying to get small groups, whether farmers, co-ops, or small
  3. or doing wondrous things with humble breadfruit. Bars serve cocktails with Maui-distilled organic Ocean Vodka, made from sugar cane and freshly reamed pineapple. And chefs not only buy local, with an eye toward sustainability, their Localicious