Broccoli Juice May Help Your Body Flush Carcinogens—Just Don't Call It a Detox

01) increases in the levels of excretion of the glutathione-derived conjugates of benzene (61 percent), acrolein (23 percent), but not crotonaldehyde were found in those receiving broccoli-sprout beverage compared with placebo. As the township in the study is located in the heavily-polluted Yangtze River Delta region (a tiny area of eastern China responsible for a monstrous 15 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions) there is a huge need to combat the dangers... By comparing publications of “highly cited original clinical research studies” with subsequent papers where a larger sample size was used, he found a third of effectiveness claims to be either contradicted or highly exaggerated. Juice-drinkers weed out larger quantities of two of the three substances under consideration , health-policy expert Dr. John Ioannidis  famously argued  that a large amount of research is highly misleading. The authors found that juice-drinkers excreted more pollutants than the control...

Before Winter, Get Vegetables Into the Freezer

  1. “We feel like everyone has a right to get in on the game,” said Growing Places Executive Director Joanne Foster. Though a great deal of the The garden has teaching sessions on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons, during which participants have
  2. I get the bag closed around the straw, suck out the air, and then push the bag shut as I pull out the straw. The bag should cling to the vegetables. What should you blanch? Beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, corn, kale
  3. Ma and I put up what little kale we had—pickled it, put it in Mason jars, and stored it in a cool, dark place. Ma says now that there will be less we will appreciate it all the more. Ma can be sort of a downer. Yesterday, at our local grocer's, Pa and