Why Broccoli Sprouts May Be a True Disease-Fighting Super Food

(NEW YORK) — Broccoli has long been considered a “super food” but it’s sulforaphane — a concentrated form of the phytochemicals found in broccoli sprouts — that’s shaping up to be the true disease fighter. “We have shown that it may stop the growth of cancer stem cells to inhibit the growth of onco genes and may also induce the production of detox enzymes to prevent cancer,” Sun told ABC News. Mice given an artificial version of the compound showed significantly improved bone architecture, gait balance and movement, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College in London reported at an International Bone and Mineral Society meeting in...

Skip the Multivitamin - Here Are the Supplements You Really Need

  1. Six-hour slow cooked short rib laid gently atop whipped mashed potatoes, with roasted brussel sprouts adorned with bacon and carrots were on the left side. Aromas of the vegetables, poultry and seafood combined to "We needed to get ahead of the
  2. If you wash down your daily multivitamin with a green juice every morning, you might be patting yourself on the back for being healthy—but are you actually getting too much of a good thing? If you're eating a relatively nutritious diet, the truth is
  3. Tomatoes, beans, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and corn all serve quite a few purposes for inmates at the Steuben County Jail. "If they decide they want to have Ramen noodles tomorrow, they can buy that out of there commissary account. A