Henry Homeyer: Never too early to start planning vegetable garden

  1. Yamhill County Master Gardeners 24th Annual Plant Sale: Thousands of ornamental and vegetable plants will be on-sale including perennials home grown by Yamhill County Master Gardeners plus free soil and pH testing, plant help clinic, plant selection
  2. Bush beans that get large will get woody. My favorite pole bean is Kwintus from The Cook's Garden seeds. Kentucky Wonder is also great, and available everywhere. “B” is also for broccoli. I start mine by seed, but it's getting a bit late for that now
  3. Smith sold out the event at 60 people, which crowded the small restaurant. For $20, people got to watch the event and enjoy heavy hors d'oeuvres. Beer and wine were for sale. In addition to bringing in a DJ to crank tunes, Smith had Mother Earth