Why Broccoli Sprouts May Be a True Disease-Fighting Super Food

(NEW YORK) — Broccoli has long been considered a “super food” but it’s sulforaphane — a concentrated form of the phytochemicals found in broccoli sprouts — that’s shaping up to be the true disease fighter. “We have shown that it may stop the growth of cancer stem cells to inhibit the growth of onco genes and may also induce the production of detox enzymes to prevent cancer,” Sun told ABC News. Mice given an artificial version of the compound showed significantly improved bone architecture, gait balance and movement, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College in London reported at an International Bone and Mineral Society meeting in...

Eat a rainbow of foods to reduce risk of cancer

  1. As for consuming the tree-like veggie to get a full dose of the chemical, the arthritis study found it would take about 5.5 pounds of broccoli to get the same amount of the compound contained in a pill. Sun said it would take a lot of broccoli sprouts
  2. Smart shopping — reading labels and buying fresh food — also helps forge good eating habits, Cusnir said. Foods with a lot of preservatives and long shelf life “may end up staying in our body Broccoli: The cruciferous vegetable is a wonderful
  3. Rich in natural plant chemicals, broccoli sprouts may have cancer-fighting and antioxidant capabilities that help our cells protect us from disease. Serving size: .. Why they're good for you: Hemp seed won't get you high, but it can make you