Broccoli Juice May Help Your Body Flush Carcinogens—Just Don't Call It a Detox

01) increases in the levels of excretion of the glutathione-derived conjugates of benzene (61 percent), acrolein (23 percent), but not crotonaldehyde were found in those receiving broccoli-sprout beverage compared with placebo. As the township in the study is located in the heavily-polluted Yangtze River Delta region (a tiny area of eastern China responsible for a monstrous 15 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions) there is a huge need to combat the dangers... By comparing publications of “highly cited original clinical research studies” with subsequent papers where a larger sample size was used, he found a third of effectiveness claims to be either contradicted or highly exaggerated. Juice-drinkers weed out larger quantities of two of the three substances under consideration , health-policy expert Dr. John Ioannidis  famously argued  that a large amount of research is highly misleading. The authors found that juice-drinkers excreted more pollutants than the control...

Raw, shaved Brussels sprouts bulk up salads

  1. Eating a salad a day is one of my strategies for making sure I get at least one serious daily dose of raw veggies. And if you Brussels sprouts belong to the same family as cabbage, broccoli and kale, so it's no surprise that they are incredibly
  2. Slice them thinly with a knife or mandoline, or buy them pre-shaved in the produce aisle. They are delicious, lightly crunchy and crisp, and have a wonderful fresh flavor. Brussels sprouts belong to the same family as cabbage, broccoli and kale, so it
  3. Broccoli, kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts, for example, can be much more beneficial when lightly steamed. Other vegetables like . thumb sticking out. Or worst case scenario you may need to fill up before you go and then just get a small salad