Broccoli Juice May Help Your Body Flush Carcinogens—Just Don't Call It a Detox

01) increases in the levels of excretion of the glutathione-derived conjugates of benzene (61 percent), acrolein (23 percent), but not crotonaldehyde were found in those receiving broccoli-sprout beverage compared with placebo. As the township in the study is located in the heavily-polluted Yangtze River Delta region (a tiny area of eastern China responsible for a monstrous 15 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions) there is a huge need to combat the dangers... By comparing publications of “highly cited original clinical research studies” with subsequent papers where a larger sample size was used, he found a third of effectiveness claims to be either contradicted or highly exaggerated. Juice-drinkers weed out larger quantities of two of the three substances under consideration , health-policy expert Dr. John Ioannidis  famously argued  that a large amount of research is highly misleading. The authors found that juice-drinkers excreted more pollutants than the control...

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  1. Health Perks: Cauliflower (as well as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, watercress and turnips) are not only loaded with vitamins and minerals but also contain phytochemicals called indoles and isothiocyanates that are collectively known as
  2. He employs staff from poor, remote areas of Sabah and are looking into buying direct from farmers in rural villages and Orang Asli settlements. “Without the Noodles are a good bet too, with rice noodles in tom yam (chicken/prawn), phad Thai prawn
  3. So don't buy a plant described simply as "cabbage". Check whether it's Derby Day, ready in early summer, or the late winter Tundra. Some types of brassica need to be harvested as soon as they're ready, while others can be ignored for several weeks