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A farm stay vacation lets you get get down and dirty

You can help out in the 30-by-30-foot vegetable garden, which boasts -- among other healthy stuff -- broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, beans, peas, tomatoes, rhubarb, green peppers, strawberries, raspberries and some of the heftiest zucchini... Handsome Brook in Franklin is among dozens of small farms in the tristate area (and beyond) that offer the appeal of a bed-and-breakfast with a down-and-dirty farm experience. I am in a pigpen on Handsome Brook Farm at the western edge of the Catskill Mountains as a 4-month-old, 200-pound swine (of the Tamworth breed) insistently nuzzles my leg, leaving a smeary mess of mud and who knows what else on my jeans. This is a farm stay, after all, and I've actually chosen to scale the fence to visit with the pigs, having first flipped the switch that de-electrifies the pen.

Table Talk: Sip tea to celebrate Mother's Day

  1. Make sure to order a side or two, as there's a lack of carb with the main courses. We went for triple cooked chips (£3) and all ten of them were nice. Also, on the waiter's recommendation, we'd opted for the purple sprouting broccoli with chorizo (£3
  2. Send tips about restaurant openings, closings, menu changes and food specials to, 636-0271, Twitter@tffoodie or Facebook Teresa Farney. To watch a demonstration on making endive, avocado, arugula and broccoli sprouts 
  3. Egg Fu Yung — Buy a bag of broccoli slaw, found near the coleslaw in most supermarket vegetable sections. Put into a pan with a little oil. If you want, you can add bean sprouts at this point to make the dish crunchier. Cook a little longer and