Why Broccoli Sprouts May Be a True Disease-Fighting Super Food

(NEW YORK) — Broccoli has long been considered a “super food” but it’s sulforaphane — a concentrated form of the phytochemicals found in broccoli sprouts — that’s shaping up to be the true disease fighter. “We have shown that it may stop the growth of cancer stem cells to inhibit the growth of onco genes and may also induce the production of detox enzymes to prevent cancer,” Sun told ABC News. Mice given an artificial version of the compound showed significantly improved bone architecture, gait balance and movement, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College in London reported at an International Bone and Mineral Society meeting in...

Hoffman: Roasting vegetables brings out deep richness

  1. The table also featured greens and lettuces galore, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, beets and more. My takeaway: tomatoes, spinach and Brussels sprouts. Market Provisions was another busy produce stop, with a lot from Johnson's Backyard Garden
  2. Also avoid any with mold, cracking or tears, and buy only enough that you can eat in a few days as most vegetables don't keep especially well. Root veggies Bon appétit! Brusssels Sprouts with Diced Prosciutto Roasted Broccoli with Garlic and
  3. In a 2011 paper, researchers compared the level of certain cancer-fighting glucosinolates in humans who ate broccoli versus those who took broccoli supplements, made from broccoli sprout extract. One way to avoid pesticides is to buy organic