Festival reviving interest in Ridgeway cantaloupes

“It’s been a nice little country fair that is growing and more people enjoy it. People from urban areas come and get a feel for a more rural fair. Ernie Fleming said the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Festival gets bigger every year. Fleming and others from the Ridgeway Historical Society founded the event — now in its ninth year — to preserve the area’s agricultural history. Fleming said the organizers decided it would be a fun opportunity for people who don’t ordinarily attend the fair. The festival, sponsored by the Ridgeway Historical Society and the fire department, begins at 10 a. m. Saturday and lasts until about 4 p. m. There is no admission charge, including for the number of entertainment groups on two stages.

Fourth of Julys of the past were great days

  1. The food: A tangy, spicy, smoky, one-pot concoction, Brunswick stew makes appearances at church suppers, family reunions, and hunting camps throughout the South. Its origins Get it from: Did we mention that North Carolina also has a Brunswick County?
  2. We cooked chickens on a giant grill and, of course, we had the famous Brunswick stew with the squirrels in it. I had all size pots in You seldom hear of anyone using veal anymore and things are so high now you can't buy but so much. The Fourth of
  3. From Texas to the Carolinas and all over the state of Georgia, I've tucked into pulled pork, ribs, Brunswick stew and brisket. Barbecue is near and dear to the and I bought a pint of stew to bring home. When you have to get some to go, you know it