Festival reviving interest in Ridgeway cantaloupes

“It’s been a nice little country fair that is growing and more people enjoy it. People from urban areas come and get a feel for a more rural fair. Ernie Fleming said the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Festival gets bigger every year. Fleming and others from the Ridgeway Historical Society founded the event — now in its ninth year — to preserve the area’s agricultural history. Fleming said the organizers decided it would be a fun opportunity for people who don’t ordinarily attend the fair. The festival, sponsored by the Ridgeway Historical Society and the fire department, begins at 10 a. m. Saturday and lasts until about 4 p. m. There is no admission charge, including for the number of entertainment groups on two stages.

Nourish Your Neighborhood Night benefits Lexington organization fighting hunger

  1. Chicken: Place the chicken in the 6 or 7-quart pot, pour cold water or chicken stock over chicken and bring to a low boil. Skim off the foam and fat that collects on the top. Cook chicken until done and meat can easily be removed from bones. Remove
  2. This month's event will benefit Glean KY and also help buy restaurant gift cards for needy families from Lexington Traditional Magnet School, NYN's first partner school. Where they will be: Wednesday: Medtech College, 1648 McGrathiana Parkwy, 11-1
  3. County officials suggested the church buy the building and 2 acres for $300 – money nobody had that tough winter. To get it, the church held a barbecue, cooking two hogs, a goat and a pot of Brunswick stew. “Ain't no telling what was in the stew