Get a Google Cardboard VR kit for $26.99 shipped

Both versions come with everything you need (except the phone) to experience Google-style VR: the cardboard housing (laser-cut to Google's specs), two 25mm glass lenses, magnets, Velcro, a rubber band, and even an NFC tag (which Google designates... According to Google, Cardboard works with "most modern Android phones," but only about half a dozen models (including the Galaxy S4 /S5, Nexus 4 /5, and Moto X) have been tested by Google and designated "fully compatible. I haven't tried Google Cardboard myself, but from what I understand, it's pretty cool. Unofficial Cardboard also notes that the maximum screen size for this kit is 5. 1 inches, though they're designing kits for larger phones/phablets. Just one question remains: Is your phone compatible. (FYI, the lenses alone are selling for about $15 on eBay. And the magnets and other items will likely run you at least $10 more.

Google Cardboard Is VR Travel in a $25 Cardboard Box

  1. But even though some kids were moved inside because the rain started seeping through their cardboard boxes halfway through the experience, they didn't get off easy. They may have found shelter inside the parish center gym, but they still had to forgo
  2. “Just the change of perspective—inserting yourself into the middle of the scene—gives you a greater emotional connection,” says product manager Andrew Nartker. Cardboard, which its creators developed in their spare time, has obvious appeal for
  3. Ohio University Campus Recycling's world-record breaking attempt at creating the largest cardboard structure ever constructed is three weeks away, and 2,000 boxes are still needed to surpass the goal of collecting 15,000 boxes. Thirteen thousand