Get a Google Cardboard VR kit for $26.99 shipped

Both versions come with everything you need (except the phone) to experience Google-style VR: the cardboard housing (laser-cut to Google's specs), two 25mm glass lenses, magnets, Velcro, a rubber band, and even an NFC tag (which Google designates... According to Google, Cardboard works with "most modern Android phones," but only about half a dozen models (including the Galaxy S4 /S5, Nexus 4 /5, and Moto X) have been tested by Google and designated "fully compatible. I haven't tried Google Cardboard myself, but from what I understand, it's pretty cool. Unofficial Cardboard also notes that the maximum screen size for this kit is 5. 1 inches, though they're designing kits for larger phones/phablets. Just one question remains: Is your phone compatible. (FYI, the lenses alone are selling for about $15 on eBay. And the magnets and other items will likely run you at least $10 more.

Rehabilitated birds released back into the wild in Opelika

  1. Two big makers of packaging materials, RockTenn and MeadWestvaco, agreed on Monday to merge, creating a $16 billion manufacturer of cardboard cartons and other types of boxes. Together, the two will create a stronger competitor to International Paper, 
  2. They went and checked and he was still alive, so they cut a portion of it away to get him out and get him in a cardboard box to carry him over to the emergency room at the small animal clinic. Afterwards, he was taken to the raptor center for
  3. NEW YORK () — The American hunger for meat, especially beef, is abating for the first time in living memory. Now vegetables are claiming more space in an unexpected place: the fast food counter, with White Castle and Chipotle heavily