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This Melbourne company's secret to success? Cardboard boxes

“We like to think of it as Mr. Potato Head for the box — find a box, connect the parts, play and imagine,” says Makedo’s founder Paul Justin, describing his latest designs, “Scru,” the world’s first child-friendly screw and “Props,” a range of... The siblings, along with a dozen kids and their families, are participating in a car-making activity for Father’s Day in Melbourne, sponsored by Makedo, a toy company encouraging kids to use discarded materials to make cars, robots, wind balls,... Nearby in a Spiderman costume, her eight-year-old brother is running around in a decorated box-cart.

Five-Colleges Book Sale Sets Attendance Mark

  1. Several of the 12,000 companies in the country who make corrugated boxes (the cardboard boxes in which most goods are packaged and delivered) have already shut shop, as increase in raw material prices and lack of regulation in the industry is making 
  2. Outside the building, Louis Fortier, a legal translator and advocate for preserving the French language in Quebec, was packing six large cardboard boxes into the ski box atop his Volvo. Fortier made the three-hour drive from Sherbrooke, Quebec, outside 
  3. Megan Huntsman, the Utah mom who stood accused of killing her six babies she gave birthed over the course of the past 10 years, has admitted to her heinous crimes, police say. The evil spirit of Andrea Yates has been reincarnated for a Utah community