Boxes Near Me Launches Arizona Program To Buy Reusable Cartons

Boxes Near Me is offering to evaluate boxes made available to it, free of charge, and then buy them either by weight or by the piece. The company specializes in buying and selling used cardboard boxes, pallets and packing supplies, rather than recycling them in the traditional way. "Right now, cardboard is being recycled at around $50 to $80 a ton, whereas we are buying boxes for twice that amount, and sometimes more," the company founder explained. PHOENIX -- Now available to the vending industry in Arizona is a service that buys and sells used shipping cartons and pallets for prices higher than those offered by traditional recycling companies. "The vending industry produces boxes that are great for reboxing," Levine explained. It's provided by Boxes Near Me , a company formed by vending industry innovator David Levine. "So we are looking not just to vending company owners, but also bottlers and product manufacturers to supply us with the boxes that we need.

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