Amsterdam's Wikkelhouse takes cardboard to a long-lasting, cozy new level

  1. We added $5 to our ticket price, and when we settled each night we'd take $5 and put it over here in this other pile, an internal accounting thing. Then we would take our costs off, which was 38 cents a record -- pressing, shrink wrap, cardboard sleeve.
  2. While cardboard boxes as homes are synonymous with homelessness in America, a Dutch design studio in Amsterdam is currently developing a cardboard-based home it plans on selling for upwards of $80,000. You read that correctly, eighty-thousand dollars
  3. In a landscape of expensive, somewhat closed-off rigs, Cardboard is the closest to "open" that exists: apps run on both iOS and Android across dozens of phones, and YouTube offers an increasing flow of 360-degree videos to watch. But first, know