FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Dare you dye your eyebrows?

As we age, our eyebrows’ natural colour fades, so we need help to keep them defined. Rather than getting them tattooed, brow guru Shavata Singh recommends professional shaping and tints. The good thing about getting brows tinted is that you don’t have to colour them in every day and the effect lasts up to six weeks. I was slightly concerned they would look too dark, but I was in the hands of an expert and the result made my face look pleasantly more defined. Before going on holiday recently, I had a brow tint.

Guest op-ed: Taking pride in taking care of yourself

  1. Growing up, I always had impressively large eyebrows. I would follow my mother into salons and all the stylists would immediately lock onto them and purr things like, “Oh, wow! Just like Brooke Shields!” As I got older, though, I'd walk in and someone
  2. A few weeks ago, I found myself staring at eyebrow stencils online, wondering if I would be able to pull off realistic-looking eyebrows using something called a “Brow Sculpting Marker” by Laura Geller. I spent hours agonizing over whether or not to
  3. You could stencil letters to spell out “Fall” in frames holding scrapbook paper with leaf or pumpkin patterns or “Halloween” in ones framing scarier patterns, for example. This is a good craft for the uncrafty; half the job is framing paper. Buy a