Eyebrow-based businesses growing beauty trend

While women can go to a lot of places for an eyebrow wax, Kolodziejski says, Chella sells brow makeovers, a concept especially appealing to baby boomers beset with thinning brows. It might seem a little high-brow for a former football player, but ex-Steelers tight end Chris Kolodziejski knew a good business opportunity when he eyed it. Now 53 and living in California, Kolodziejski is scoring big with eyebrow couture, one... His company, Chella, is in 200 locations in the United States and abroad, he says, and is part of a growing number of brow services and products being marketed in shops, salons and mall-based “brow bars. Kolodziejski got into the brow business four years ago when he already was manufacturing a line of anti-aging cosmetics and skin-care products.

Harper Lee's 'Go Set a Watchman': Read the First Chapter

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  3. If you buy a product with a registration card, mailing it back will allow the manufacturer to notify you if there is a recall. Don't tune out news Dear Heloise: If you lose the top (cover) for your eyebrow or eye-shadow pencil, do what colored